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A Guide to Be Safe from Possible Electrical Hazards During Storms

Electricity is an essential part of our lives now. It operates a vast sort of important items of our routine and specialized tasks. To utilize them, electrical systems are made. (This can be eased with electrical estimating services. If you are looking to make them do, reach out). But at the same time, it carries great danger which can be triggered through different stimuli. Among the various stimuli include storms.

Storms are one of the destructive natural forces. They can happen at any time and can lead to various problems. Within these problems are various electrical hazards. It can be avoided through certain steps.

These steps include:

Discontent connected to electrical appliances

Storms can have lighting that can travel through wires and other forms of circuits. Thus, if there are appliances attached to it, they carry current and lead to frying. But if you disconnect the appliances from the circuits, current from the lighting cannot travel into them and they stay safe. This also saves you from potential fires and dangerous accidents.

Turn off the unnecessary switches

Breaking the circuit is an important part of being safe during storms. In addition to disconnecting the appliances, you can turn off the unnecessary switches. This is applicable when the appliances are fixed and connected to the circuit internally. As you turn off the switch, it averts the possible flow of current which could lead to mishaps.

Turn off the main breaker

In addition to disconnecting, and turning off switches, sometimes it is good to just turn off the whole thing. This shuts down the whole thing and saves it more than the previous methods. The range of the main breaker covers the house and does not allow the current to enter. As a result, the house stays safe from any possible electrical hazard.

Install a lightning rod over the house

An important and effective way to keep the current from entering your house is having a lightning rod. If a lightning rod is installed, it carries the current from the sky and directs it into the earth. This is simply a rod installed on the top and attached to a wire that extends to the ground. This is very useful as it attracts the current and guides it away from the indoors.

Broken and uninsulated wires

When it comes to attracting current and causing possible damage, wires are the first thing. Insulation plays an important role in all of this and avert the possible damage. Consequently, if the wires are broken or their insulation is damaged, they become more prone than the rest. Therefore, you need to check, diagnose, and solve the insulation problem.

Stay away from all sorts of connections

While you need to carry out different actions to stay safe from electrical hazards, you need to do it before the storm. Meddling with the appliances and their switches can be harmful during the storm. This can result in far more danger than the other hazards. While appliances themselves can get fried due to current, being in contact with the appliances can lead to getting you shock and far worse

Avert any possible moisture

Water is an important part of life, particularly for households. Its usage can lead to moisture and unnecessary spread of water around the location. This in turn leads to unnecessary flow of current. Thus, you need to make sure that they are no moisture in the building, particularly wet electrical appliances. If there is no moisture, the possibility of any mishap is averted. This way your house becomes safe.

Carry portable appliances inside the house

Various appliances are used outdoors such as generators, fans, and others. These are more prone and can attract lightning currents more than other appliances as they stand in the outdoors. In such conditions, you need to carry them inside the house to keep them safe. This is supposed to keep them away from attracting current and thus averting possible hazards.

These are some of the steps to help you stay safe from possible electrical hazards during storms.


Electricity is a very important requirement for today’s world as it provides for various essential needs. It operates day in and day out for the good of our lives. But it is prone to various problems, particularly in different conditions such as storms. For a storm, you need to prepare and manage the conditions in order to avert any possible hazard.