Get our commercial electrical estimating services and we will help you win more jobs by assisting you in choosing the right bids and filing competitive bids. We not only aim to produce takeoffs and estimates for our clients but develop an understanding of costs associated with the project. Our team has a wide range of experience in estimating electrical systems for various commercial facilities for general contractors, electrical contractors, low voltage contractors, Technicians, Electricians, design engineers and serve them with an unmatched level of quality and reliability. Besides delivering the best possible services to our clients, we continuously work on improving our cost estimating approach and procedures to reach the exact figures for your estimates.

Whether you are involved in new construction wiring or building renovations, upgrades, explosion proof circuitry, we can claim expertise in all kinds of electrical estimating. Or you are hooked with specialized electrical estimates or you need help with a partial estimate, you can reach out to us. You don’t need to hire in-house experts for estimating your complex and specialized electrical works when we provide you the opportunity to outsource your estimates to us at reasonable rates and fast turnarounds (24-48 hours). Whether you need a part-time electrical estimator or full-time or on a project basis, we can facilitate in any possible way that suits you the best.

While having a vast knowledge of electrical components and understanding of electrical blueprints, our estimators are also familiar with installation techniques for all types of high and low voltage systems. When you work with us, we let you utilize our years of experience in this field that helps in reaching the most accurate figures for your project’s cost forecast.

Our commercial electrical estimating package is thoroughly customized as per the client’s demands but generally comprises the following information:

  • Digital takeoff in EXCEL spreadsheets that is easy to review & follow
  • Feeders, equipment, devices & fixture counts
  • Material quantities & pricing
  • Labor hours & pricing
  • Quoted material lists for suppliers
  • Color coded electrical blueprints for reference
  • Reviewed bid documents
  • Inclusion & exclusion lists

Bid report containing total costs, overheads, profit percentage, etc.

Many commercial electrical contractors trust us for the most efficient and accurate estimate. You can rely on us as well.

Our Portfolio In Commercial Electrical Estimating

Our expert electrical estimators can tackle all types of complex and integrated commercial electrical systems and produce innovative estimating solutions with a value engineering approach. From minor electrical system estimates for upgrades, retrofits and repairs to new installations of electrical systems for large commercial spaces, we have worked on various million dollar evaluation of projects.

Commercial Electrical Projects

  • Government projects
  • Military facilities
  • High rises
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Institutional buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Movie theaters
  • Fire stations
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Retail spaces

Commercial Electrical Systems

  • Wiring & controls for HVAC
  • Alarms & emergency controls
  • Power generation & distribution
  • Temperature controls
  • Geothermal electric systems
  • Integrated wiring systems
  • Solar power systems
  • Walk in freezers & chillers
  • Networking & communication
  • Electronic doors
  • Access control
  • Audio & video
  • Nurse call
  • CCTV cameras
  • Commercial low voltage systems

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If you are contractors involved in commercial electrical projects, we understand that you have a busy schedule of working with project owners and other contractors while meeting their timelines. Bidding on commercial electrical projects is a complex process as well, as it takes time and a lot of effort and efficient electrical estimating skills. We can help you with that. We employ a team of detail-oriented estimators who have sound knowledge of electrical systems and their codes and proficiency in advanced electrical takeoff software. We can help you in the following ways

Commercial Electrical Estimating Services In USA
  • Development of accurate and timely bid estimates to help you file a highly competitive bid.
  • Consultation on choosing the right jobs and filing smart bids.
  • Consultation on contract negotiations
  • Precise material lists for vendor quotations and procurement

We can help you bid the right jobs & transform your bids into contracts


We also work with design firms and electrical design-build firms to provide cost estimates throughout the design and budgeting phase. We strive to produce accurate estimates that can help you create a cost model that complies with the purpose of the project. At each phase of design, our estimators deeply analyze and interpret electrical drawings and specifications to produce estimates that aid major design decisions while devising value engineering solutions. Following are the design estimates that we prepare at various stages:

  • Conceptual Estimate
  • Schematic Estimate
  • Design Development Estimate
  • Construction document Estimate

Among these, we also provide following services to our clients:

  • Budgeting
  • CPM scheduling
  • Project management
  • Value Engineering
  • Litigation claims support
  • Electrical drafting

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Commercial Electrical Estimates To Us

The years of experience in electrical estimating and efficient team work coupled with the best software technology has immensely increased our productivity. Therefore, we offer the fastest delivery (within 24-48 hours) compared to any other electrical estimator in the market.


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