Electrical estimators provide the most accurate and reliable electrical estimating outsourcing services to help you land a profitable job and bid effectively than ever before.

Are you overloaded with a massive bidding deadlines, an overly occupied estimating staff or your project needs special estimating expertise? Our electrical estimating outsourcing can facilitate you to bid on more jobs while having a limited estimating capacity. We can promise that you will start performing better and faster with your quotes and streamline your electrical bidding process leading to increased business growth.

No need to turn down any opportunity just because your estimator is overburdened. Outsource your electrical estimates to us and bid with confidence!

Being a well established and specialized electrical estimating company, we have worked with various renowned contracting corporations across North America. Among our clients are General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, EPC Contractors, Instrumentation & Control Contractors, Electricians, Technicians, Designers and Electrical Suppliers. We have successfully tackled electrical projects of all sizes and scopes among residential, commercial, Institutional, Retail, Automotive and industrial facilities in both public and private domains.

In order to provide our clients with the best outcomes, we have developed standard estimating procedures and employ advanced electrical estimating software to produce the bill of material as accurately as possible. Our estimators are highly skilled with digital takeoff technology along with knowledge of electric blueprints and electric system installation techniques and strive to provide extra value to our clients. Using our services, you get the confidentiality of your information and reliability of detailed and precise estimating reports delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours.

You can count on us, either you are in search of an electrical estimating company to serve you with fast, short term assistance or you need to rely on outsourcing all your estimating needs to us. Here are some roles that can be fulfilled by us:

Full-time electrical estimator

Part-time electrical estimator

Project base electrical estimator

We know what your competitors are doing and you are lacking. Let us help you bid & win the right jobs!

Here is what our estimating package generally includes but it will be tailored as per your needs:

  • Electrical takeoff sheet EXCEL
  • Material types, quantities & pricing
  • Equipment, fixtures, gear counts
  • Electrical labor units & pricing
  • Labor hours
  • Material list for vendor quotations
  • Reviewed bid documents with inclusion & exclusions
  • Takeoff summary report containing total cost, overheads, profit percentage, etc.


Need a house wiring estimate or a complete smart home electrical estimate, we can help you with all types of residential electrical estimates. We will provide you a detailed breakdown of electrical systems’ costs including suggestions for various alternatives that you can present to your clients for ease of decision making.

Residential electrical estimating Outsourcing


Commercial electrical estimating Outsourcing

No matter what type of electrical system you are involved in, whether you need a partial estimate for one or two systems or you need a complete electrical estimate for a commercial facility, we are at your service. Our expertise covers all the scopes, from retail to restaurants, offices, institutional buildings and whatnot. Our services range from preliminary estimates to bid estimates, design estimates, quantity takeoffs, etc along with the professional bid submission proposal that can help you get an edge over your competition.

Learn More About Our Commercial Electrical Estimating.


Whether you are looking to outsource electrical estimating for design, fabrication or installation of instrumentation and control systems, automation systems, motion control, electrical distribution and transmission systems, robotics or low voltage systems, we have the expertise and experience to produce an estimate that complies well with your needs and fulfill the demands of the project.

Commercial electrical estimating Outsourcing

Learn More About Our Industrial Electrical Estimating.

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Commercial Electrical Estimates To Us

  • No more missed opportunities. Our electrical estimating company offers fast turnaround times to meet your bid deadlines.
  • Being a specialized electrical estimating firm, we can offer you the flexibility to handle all scopes of projects.
  • Our highly competitive rates can reduce your overhead costs and let you save 60% of the expense of an in-house estimator.
  • Outsourcing can help you increase your estimating capacity while having a limited in-house staff.
  • When you outsource your estimates to professional electrical estimators like us, you get the confidence of an independent unbiased estimate that can be used to check your bid quote, resolve change order disputes, etc.
  • Reaching an independent firm for your electrical estimates help you to shift your primary focus on your business growth while increased estimating efficiency helps to bid on more jobs that contribute to winning more jobs.
  • Outsourcing reduces your stress and late work hours of measuring work quantities and preparing cost estimates while you also get the digital estimate report.


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