Our Pricing

Electrical Estimators is here to assist you with the competitive market rates to increase your productivity and maximize the bid profit ratio. We are here with the expert team of electrical estimators to efficiently analyze the exact rates of different electrical components.

Why are we distinctive among others?

Cost-efficient rates

We are efficient and reliable enough to provide affordable and budget-friendly rates comparatively less in the market. Our expert team of electrical estimators always consider the client’s priorities and charge according to the scope of work and vary from project to project. We have a diverse experience of assisting clients with a 91% acceptance ratio and encourage close deals with negotiations.

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Accurate rates

We comprehensively understand the value of accuracy to fulfil specific project goals and promise to provide highly accurate estimates with the latest ZIP code-based material and labor costs to use RS Means and developing a cost database.

Fast Delivery

Electrical Estimator is a professional platform to provide quick delivery of efficient estimating services in the market within 24 – 48 hours. Further, we manage to guide our clients in the estimated delivery team according to your construction project.

We are efficient enough to charge up to $100 specifically for those projects that demand less time to get estimated

What are the methods of our payments?

We are a professional team of experts dealing with QuickBooks online payments to secure your financial information completely. Our accounts team has set up different payment methods for our clients, and now you can pay through Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal.

Our expert team will send you a quick quote after receiving your plans and analyzing your project specifications. We also compromise the QuickBooks invoice and delivery date in our quotes. You can now consult us at: +1 813 708 8885  for further payment details.

What is the pricing for residential and commercial electrical estimates?

Our competitive industry rates for commercial and residential projects usually rely upon the scope and size of the construction project. We deal with a diverse range of clients for residential and commercial electrical estimates with precision and affordability.

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Our Single Electrical Trade Pricing

We charge an approximation of $200 for a specific trade takeoff

What is the pricing for industrial electrical estimates?

Our expert estimators and engineers will comprehensively review the scope of work through the construction plans. Considering industrial electrical estimates, you have to upload your construction plans in the given link below.

We have a competitive team to provide you with a quick quote for different industrial tenders/bids. Try to get the quote that relies on the invoice, turnaround time, and delivery date within a few minutes.

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We have a competitive customer support team to directly schedule your phone call or email with our expert electrical Estimator. Our expert electrical Estimator manages everything after consultation with the client and sends the final draft.

Are we offering monthly electrical takeoff packages?

Electrical Estimator is a professional platform with a diverse number of clients to provide an accurate electrical takeoff monthly package. Our monthly electrical takeoff packages assist different clients that include contractors to proceed with their electrical contracting companies. We are here to streamline your project’s quantity takeoff and construction estimate to submit bids on time.

What are the main benefits of our monthly electrical packages?

Our experts deliver monthly packages for electrical estimates to a diverse range of clients with the following benefits.

  • We deliver our electrical estimates quickly within 24 – 48 hours to meet the bid deadlines.
  • We are efficient enough to save overheads and deduct the estimation costs (in-house estimator salary) up to 60% of the total estimate.
  • We have a professional team of electrical estimators to provide 100% precise electrical estimates.
  • We will dedicate our professional and senior Estimator for clients who acquire our monthly electrical takeoff packages.
  • Our team of dedicated electrical estimators manages to generate competitive bids.
  • Our monthly takeoff packages allow contractors to consult with a dedicated estimator any time to consult your construction project’s details.

We are charging an exact amount of $1500 for our monthly package

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Our dedicated electrical Estimator for your construction project

We are a professional platform to provide electrical takeoff services with the help of expert electrical estimators to contractors and construction companies with electrical trade specific contractors. We assign our dedicated and expert electrical estimators to different clients like general contractors, electrical contractors, instrumentation contractors, low voltage contractors, technicians, electricians, design engineers and electrical vendors.

What are the benefits of having a dedicated electrical estimator for your construction company?

Following are the few benefits that ensure that our electrical estimators are beneficial for your construction projects.

  • Our dedicated electrical estimators are trained and professional enough to deal with diverse commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects.
  • Our experienced electrical Estimator manages to use CSI format, cost codes and material codes.
  • A dedicated estimator manages to estimate with all the essential details in comparison to as-built conditions.
  • An expert electrical estimator provides comprehensive support every day and night or seven days a week.
  • A dedicated estimator always prefers to include comprehensive takeoffs with comprehensive line items and marked-up plans.
  • An expert electrical estimator allows the use of modern technological estimating software for clients.

Now is the perfect time to have comprehensive and expert electrical estimates through electrical estimators. Call us now through the button given below and avail 30% discount