138KV Substation- Replacement and Rehabilitation

This industrial chemical manufacturing facility is in general need of replacing its existing obsolete and failing Oil circuit breaker (OCB) in their 138kv substation. Additionally, the existing structures were rusted on the specific bases and urgent need of repair. The current substation pipe bus system was generally modified into a new 138kv isolation to disconnect switches for a new 4000amp and 138kv Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB) inclusive of ultimate concrete foundation, control wiring, and integration of updated GCB controls into the existing relay system. Electrical Estimators Group generally accomplishes the facility to continue operations with no interruptions.

Our company usually rusted the steel structures that were evaluated for structural strengths and metal thickness to utilize 3D imaging. We spot the weak loopholes identified by design, damaged areas cut out and replaced through new steel welded in a place where all the steel structures in the substation were cleaned and re-painted along with a three-part epoxy paint system. Our team has done all the facility and continues to operate and without power interruption. The effort demands extensive detailed coordination in between utility provider, facility operations and management. The general estimates paved the way for winning the bid and proved helpful in delivering the auxiliaries and items from different vendors.

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