Plaza Street 10 Mega Watt-Power Generation

Few smaller communities in rural areas of Texas are mainly exposed to roll back-outs due to generation capacity shortages from utilities during peak usage times. Electrical Estimator Group took this project and facilitated them with the services of Electrical Estimation. In contrast, the complete power generation project enables a 10 Mega-Watts each and can provide/generate the critical shortfalls to the utility when required. We provide all the essential electrical construction needs for these facilities. We have mobile offices, equipment trailers, portable housing for remote areas, heavy equipment transport, and crane services to build complete stations as minor as four months. Our Electrical estimators generally perform the comprehensive quantity surveying along with a comprehensive proposal of building for the bid and as well as for vendor quotations. The estimate we naturally paved the way for attaining the request and delivering the auxiliaries and items from different vendors.

Our comprehensive sample of estimated work for productive contractors as well as subcontractors is attached below

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The real spirit of estimation and quantification and our complete details and schedules are our pride of the Electrical Estimator Group. Our company holds competent and experienced estimators that are exceptionally skilled and adaptable to opt for different projects on its own and a review by the help of senior estimators. Our project manager generally ensures quality and also provides a summary of the estimate to the relevant client.