Turbine Pump room- Pump up-gradation and Remodeling

This project involves removing 5Kv three (3) 1500HP hydraulic fluid pumps and replacing it with 9 nine 5kv 600HP pumps in three different stages to maintain production at the facility. The existential antiquated 1500Hp pumps were generally failing, and spare parts were usually no longer available for repair. The facility they require from Electrical Estimators Group is of minimum two (2) pumps to maintain the production.

Additionally, pump upgrades into an entirely new 15kv/5kv new power distribution system require modification at the outdoor 15kv substation with a new NEMA 3R switchgear, pipe bus extensions, and structural steel supports, concrete pads and piers. It also involves new 15kv feeders into a new indoor power distribution/motor control room constructed above the existing pump room.

In addition to all the relevant modification by Electrical Estimator Group of the power distribution system. The retrofit of the pumps themselves, a fair estimate of the new pumps’ control system could integrate, and different production processes had to be installed. It then wired into new 15/5kv power distribution/motor control equipment and tested before making the transition. We perform a complete quantity surveying and extensive proposal of building for the bid and vendor quotation.

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